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                  • 产品说明



                  · 外壳为不锈钢制作,控制面板采用触模式新型按钮,
                  · 事先可预编入包装物所要的技术参数,
                  · 工作时只需按下真空室盖,即按自动程序完成真空包装的全过程。



                  Kelp silk vacuum packaging machine

                  The kelp silk meat, sauce, vacuum packaging machine is suitable for food industry products, spices, dried fruit, food, bean products, chemicals, medicines and other granular, powder, liquid goods such as inert gas filling after vacuum packaging, can prevent product oxidation mildew, corruption, damp proof, in order to prolong the storage life of products. The machine has a vacuum suction (inflatable), a complete sealing printing, vacuum degree by the time set to switch adjust potentiometer, sealing temperature with five levels, the discretion of the heating voltage transformer to achieve different sealing temperature, heat sealing adopts digital display time relay to control the time, the machine adopts convenient to change, printing clear label printing products equipment to comply with the provisions of the national food labeling method.

                  Kelp silk vacuum packaging machine machine parameters: :

                  Shell is made of stainless steel, touch control panel using pattern new button,

                  , in advance can advance into the packaging to the technical parameters,

                  , only need to press the vacuum cover at work, according to the program automatically complete the whole process of vacuum packaging.

                  Company since its inception in 1996, has a solid, remarkable, wide coverage. Is a rapidly to help customers reduce labor costs increase the production efficiency, quality, and improve the environment, for the purpose of automated equipment manufacturing enterprises. Equipment products cover: stirring, baking, conveying, packing, sauces, particles (including liquid) automatic packaging line, metal coating, plastic coating, lithium electric equipment, integrating r&d, production and sales, after-sales service in one of the professional team.

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